How Kate sold 19 digital products in just 15 minutes

March 25, 2022

My client Kate sold 19 digital products in 15 minutes. Find out how in this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast.

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One of my clients just launched a one-to-many digital product – and sold 19 in the first 15 minutes of it going on sale.

And she’s well on track to make her target of 100 sales.

It’s a $25 dollar product – so it probably won’t make her a millionaire (yet!).

But she was able to say she made $400 while she was having a coffee – and it’s not every day you can say that

How did she do it? Find out how in this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why starting small is the key to success with online course sales

An online course doesn’t need to have multiple modules – with tons of resources. It can be just one resource: a video tutorial or one-off masterclass, an EBook or pdf download, one video tutorial or a resource kit.

And it’s better for new course creators to start small – an online course you can create in a morning. Because it means you can start generating recurring revenue much sooner, gain valuable experience of the course launch process and earn while you learn.

Kate started small – creating a small online challenge instead of a big multi module online course. This not only meant she could launch more quickly – she has also gained invaluable launch experience. So when she is ready to launch a bigger course, she’ll get much better results.

The launch strategy Kate followed (and why strategy is everything)

Kate followed the launch strategy I shared in my 90 Day Launch Sprint – which meant she was able to give herself enough time to ‘warm up’ her audience and get them excited about her launch (via my waitlist strategy).

Kate opened her waitlist around 4 weeks before her cart open date. As she didn’t have an email list for this particular product, she used the resources she did have – an engaged Facebook group and podcast – to grow her waitlist.

In the week leading up to her launch, she emailed her waitlist a few times to remind them about the date and time her challenge would go on sale. By ‘cart open’ day she had more than 500 on her waitlist – many of whom were excited and ready to buy.

Having run dozens of launches over the years, I wasn’t surprised Kate sold 19 digital products in 15 minutes. Because she’d put all the right strategies in place to guarantee success.

Why you don’t need fancy tech to have a successful online course launch

You don’t need fancy tech e.g. email marketing software or a course hosting platform to launch an online course.

Although Kate was able to add a simple sales page to her website and had the tech know-how to create a waitlist to collect email addresses, she could have implemented the strategy without any of this.

Because when it comes to launching an online course, what really matters is the strategy – not the tech.

Kate was able to launch her online course without email list – in fact, the launch process actually helped her build her email list by 500.

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