3 new Instagram features to try this summer

July 4, 2022

Increase engagement from your Instagram Content this summer with these new features

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Instagram has some new features that could help you increase engagement on your content.

In this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast, I share 3 I recommend (with tips how to use them).

You can listen to the podcast or read the blog version below.

Here’s what I cover:

The “Add Yours” Sticker

Using the stickers on Instagram Stories (e.g. Polls, questions and quiz stickers) is a great way to get more engagement from your followers.

And the more engagement you get – the more people are likely to see you content (because it will be pushed out to more people).

The most recent engagement feature is the “Add Yours” sticker. For example, you can share a photo e.g. of your pet or a book you’re reading and ask your followers to share theirs. This would be an example of a community style post.

Turn this into a news/trends style post by linking to an awareness day e.g. your favourite Lipstick for Lipstick day (July 29) or a make up free selfie for national nude day (July 14).

If you have my Courageous Content Planner, you’ll be familiar with the four styles of content I recommend: news/trends, inspire, educate and community.

News/trends content adds value to your audience by solving their problems/answering their questions (which is why it’s great for attracting new leads). But it is also timely i.e. it needs to run at a particular time to give your audience the most value.

Inspire content is often about reassurance – which is why I include sales copy in this category. You shouldn’t ever be ‘persuading’ people to buy from you – you should be inspiring them to make an investment.

Educate content is sharing tips/advice that answer peoples’ questions/solve their problems while community content is about building and nurturing your relationship with your audience.


For more ideas on posts for July listen to the episode 4 content ideas for July (that use awareness days) or read the blog on the same page.

The Link Sticker

Last year, Instagram ditched the once much coveted Swipe Up feature, which you could only get if you had 10k followers.

The replacement was a Link Sticker without the 10,000 follower threshold.

You can use this feature to redirect your followers to your products/services, latest blog/podcast, newsletter, etc.

However, I would proceed with caution on this one. It may be convenient to share a link – but unless you know who has clicked on it – you don’t know who took action.

One of my clients Susan had an 80% conversion on her first digital product launch – she followed up on every lead. Find out more: how Susan generated 6k from her first launch. Had she used a link sticker, she may not have known who to follow up.

Instagram Guides

Not a new feature – but one I know I haven’t made more use of.

Instagram Guides is a way for you to collect your posts and Reels and keep your most important information in one place.

For example, let’s say you are a dog trainer, you could collect all your posts together on specific themes e.g. behaviour, diet, exercise, etc.

You could even give your content a more ‘seasonal’ flavour e.g. summer.

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