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July 20, 2022

If you want your blog content to work for your business (aka generate leads and sales) you need a strategy.

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So how do you go about creating a business strategy?

That’s exactly what you’ll find out in this episode of the Courageous Content podcast (which you can also read as a blog post below):

Here’ what you’ll learn:

If you want your blog to generate more leads and sales for your business, you need to plan ahead – much further ahead than you imagine.

First off, you need to decide how often you are going to publish – and this needs to be realistic.

A pink background with dark blue text. It reads: Create your business blog strategy. The word blog is in red and it’s got a heart next to it. This pin leads to a blog and podcast episode in which Janet Murray gives info about blogging strategy and how her Courageous Blog Content Kit helps with all the templates it includes: blog planning templates – along with templates for blog posts, social media posts and everything else you need to create and promote blog content.

How often should you publish business blogs

In an ideal world – particularly when you’re building an audience for your blog – I would recommend aiming for once a week.

Once you’ve built a body of work – and started to develop ‘clusters ‘of blog content on specific topics, you may find you can post less frequently.

You may even be able to repurpose some of your blog content – for example, creating ‘round up’ posts.

But you don’t need to be realistic. It’s better to aim to post twice a month – and actually do it – than post every week for a month, get overwhelmed and stop.

How far ahead to plan blog posts

I recommend planning in quarters (90 days) – and at least 2-3 months ahead where you can.
If you have my Courageous Content Planner you’ll be familiar with this approach already.

Start by looking across the quarter and listing out potential blog titles. You can get more specific about the content of those posts in your monthly and weekly planning. But planning further ahead helps ensure you’re publishing the right content at the right time.

It will also help you decide what to blog about for your business.


For example, when I am promoting my Courageous Content Planner, I schedule a number of relevant podcast episodes to go out around the time it goes on sale. I am also very intentional in the content I create – in the weeks/months leading up to the launch i.e. many of my blog posts/podcasts are on the topic of content planning.

This helps ‘prepare’ my audience for the launch of my annual content planner and educate them on why content planning is important. So when my content planner goes on sale, they already understand why it may be worth investing in one.

Why not being able to plan ahead is a business problem (not a content problem)

Think planning this far ahead is impossible because you don’t know what you’ll be launching in the next quarter or beyond?

If this is the case, you have a business problem not a content problem. This means you need to go back to the drawing board and plan out what’s happening in your business in the next quarter (and, ideally, the next year). If you don’t, you may miss out on timely opportunities to promote your products/services.

Perhaps you think you can’t do this because you sell the same product/service all year round? Here’s a bit of tough love for you.

You can’t sell the same product/service the same way the whole year round (well you can…but your sales will almost certainly suffer if you do).

So if this is the case you need to create peak points that allow you to create fresh excitement around your product/services. The obvious choice is hosting a sale/special offer, but if that isn’t appropriate for your business, there are still many other things you can do.

For example: launching new features/colours/styles, hosting a special VIP event – or just thinking about the times of year people are most likely to be interested in your product/service and upping your marketing activity around that time.

Courageous Blog Content Kit

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How my Courageous Blog Content Kit can help

My Courageous Blog Content Kit contains blog planning templates – along with templates for blog posts, social media posts and everything else you need to create and promote blog content. Find out more here.

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