How Susan made 6k on her first digital product launch

June 27, 2022

My client Susan just generated £6k from her first digital product launch.

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In this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast (which you can also read as a blog), I share why this is a great result for a first digital product launch (despite all the guff online about 6 figure launches).

Susan followed my digital product launch advice to the letter – which I’ll share with you in this episode, including:

In a world where we’re being bombarded with ‘Get Rich Quick’ messages – and being sold the idea of building a 6 or 7 figure business overnight – it’s easy to set unrealistic expectations about how many digital products you can sell on a first launch.

But this is actually an amazing result for a first digital product launch (Susan had an 80% conversion from her waitlist )… whilst also realistic.

Susan made around £1k in sales of her digital product (20 products). The additional £5k came from a new 1-2-1 client and repeat business from existing clients who got her emails/saw her social media posts about her digital product.

How did she achieve this? She followed my advice for new course creators to the letter.

1. Create a simple one module digital product (rather than a multi module course)

As a new course creator, it’s much better to create a simple digital product (e.g. a single masterclass or EBook).

Not only does it mean you can start creating recurring revenue quicker – it allows you to test your ideas and reduces the risk of creating a course no one wants to buy.

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2. Set realistic goals (based on real data)

The average conversion rate for online sales is just 1-2%. Which should give you an idea of the kind of audience size you need to sell high numbers of digital products.

While you don’t need an email list to launch a digital product it does help – a lot.

With an email list of less than 500, Susan knew she couldn’t expect to sell hundreds of her digital course – so she would need to be open to the idea of working with people in different ways (and be prepared for that).

3. Create a buzz about your digital product launch - before it happens

Susan ran a waitlist campaign ahead of her digital product launch.

This meant she had a ‘warm’ audience that were ready to buy – the moment her digital product went on sale.

You don’t need fancy email automation to run a wait list campaign. As long as you’re compliant with data protection laws, you can simply add people to a spreadsheet.

Susan added 26 people to her waitlist – and 80% invested in her product.

4. Email/post on social media more than you feel comfortable with

If you want to maximise sales from a product launch, you can’t get worried about emailing posting on social media ‘too much.’

I recommend emailing every day during a digital product launch (there is a 5-7 email marketing sequence template in my Courageous Launch Content Kit) – and sending up to three emails on the last day.

Remember people are busy getting on with their lives. Not everyone will see everything you post. And if you don’t feel uncomfortable about how much you’re posting, you’re probably not doing it enough.

Susan emailed her list every day during her ‘cart open’ phase – and posted on social media – multiple times on the final day.

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5. Follow up every single lead personally

While email automation is convenient, you really can’t beat the personal touch.

Which is why every single person who added themselves to the waitlist got a personal follow up from Susan.

Despite having a 26k email list, we still do personal follows up for every single launch. People like to do business with people and really do appreciate the personal touch.


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