What is cash generation content (and how to create it)

August 24, 2022

Have you ever found yourself feeling frustrated because you’re publishing content – for example social media posts, email newsletters, blogs/podcasts – but no one is buying?

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If so, it’s probably because you’re not creating enough Cash Generation Content. Maybe you’re not publishing any at all.

Listen to this episode of the Courageous content podcast, to find out what cash generation content is and who you need to create content for to have a consistent flow of income in your business.

Here’s what I cover:

What Cash Generation Content is (and what it isn’t)

First off, if you’ve done any of the following things:

  • Emailed a current/previous client to see if they’re interested in a new product/service
  • Sent a follow-up email to someone who has enquired about your product/service
  • Reached out to a potential partner about buying your products/services in bulk
  • Created a ‘bundle offer’ of digital products and emailed your list about it
  • Emailed your list about a ‘flash sale’ or time-limited discount on your product/service

…you know what Cash Generation Content is (and have already created it).

But if you’re struggling to bring in enough money – or are constantly in ‘feast or famine’ – you’re probably not doing it enough.

In fact, you may be spending too much time on two other types of content: Audience Growth and Nurturing Content e.g. social media posts, email newsletters, blogs/podcasts, etc.

And while it IS important to create this type of content, it typically takes much longer to convert than Cash Generation Content.

Cash Generation Content is content you create that is designed to bring money into your business fast – and is intended for those who are most likely to buy (typically existing/previous clients i.e. people who already know, like and trust you). These people don’t need blogs, social media posts, emails and newsletters. They need ‘high-touch’ content e.g. personal emails, direct messages and voicemails.

So if you’re struggling to make enough money – or are stuck in feast and famine mode…you’re probably not spending enough time on Cash Generation Content. You also may be spending too much time on other types of content.

The good news is, this is actually pretty easy to fix.

But before you get started, it’s important to understand the 3 types of content you need to create for your business – and when/how to focus on each type.

The 3 audiences you need to create content for (and where Cash Generation Content fits in)

To ensure you have a consistent income flowing into your business – and avoid getting stuck in feast and famine mode – you need to create content for 3 groups of people: those who don’t know about you yet, those who know about you but aren’t ready to buy and those who are ready to buy.

So let’s look at those three audiences/groups of people – and what kind of content they need from you.

To have a consistent flow of income in your business, your aim should always be to provide the quickest route to sale. Because people like to do business with people who make things easy.

For example, while you may think creating an email lead magnet to sell your service/1-2-1 coaching package is a good idea – you may be adding unnecessary steps into your sales funnel (and yes you do need a sales funnel to sell a service/1-2-1 coaching package). And in doing so (unwittingly) putting people off buying from you.

3 types of audience inforgraphic

If the idea of a sales funnel sounds complex/scary, it really is not. It’s just the journey someone takes from not being a client/customer to becoming one. If you’ve sold anything to anyone, you already have a sales funnel (in fact you probably have several). But your aim should always be to make that funnel as short as possible.

So let’s have a look at these three types of people and what they need from you.

Your cold audience don’t even know about you yet – which means there is zero chance they’ll buy from you right now. And – as will become clear as I explain the typical customer journey – the chances of them buying in 30, 60 or even 90 days are still quite low. But they are searching online for answers to their questions/solutions to their problems – so that’s the type of content they need from you i.e. educate or news/trends. I refer to this as Audience Growth Content.

Your warm audience are aware of you but haven’t yet invested in your products/services – so there is more chance they’ll buy. But they almost certainly need to get to know you better – so they need more ‘nurturing’ content i.e. inspire/community. I refer to this as Nurturing Content.

Your hot audience (typically current/previous clients/customers) already know, like and trust you – so they are most likely to buy. While they may appreciate your Audience Growth and Nurturing Content – they don’t need it to buy from you! So creating specific blog posts, email lead magnets, etc might actually reduce the chances of them buying from you. They need Cash Generation Content.

How not creating Cash Generation content can hurt your business

If someone already knows, likes and trusts you the last thing you want to do is get them to download a lead magnet, read a newsletter or blog posts. That’s extending your sales funnel unnecessarily – which may actually irritate them.

Instead you need to present them with targeted offers for products/services that will solve their problems. And you can’t rely on hoping they’ll see your emails or social media posts. You need to create targeted, personalised content that shows you understand their problems – and care enough about them – to reach out personally i.e. Cash Generation Content.

While this may sound uncomfortable – as it carries a risk of rejection – not making enough money in your business is far more uncomfortable.

Focusing most of your time on people who are unlikely to pay you money for months (or even years)’ can be a very costly form of procrastination.

If you’re not spending enough (or any) time on Cash Generation Content, all you need to remember is that Cash Generation Content is vital (and possible) for both product and service businesses.

For more ideas on how to create engaging content for your business for all three types of audience, do invest in my Courageous Content Planner. It comes with my Courators Kit which contains more than a thousand fill-in-the gaps content templates that will save you a ton of time and trouble with your content.

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