What content do you need to launch an email lead magnet (and yes you do need to launch!)

April 27, 2022

Your content strategy is the key to increasing sign ups and sales of your lead magnet.

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What kind of content do you need to create to launch an email lead magnet?

And why is content so important when it comes to increasing sign ups and sales?

That’s exactly what I’ll share in this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast, which you can also read as a blog below.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

There are a surprising amount of ‘moving parts’ involved with creating and launching a successful email lead magnet (aside from actually creating the resource itself).

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First you have to choose a suitable topic and format. Then you need to create content for your landing page (the web page you’ll send prospective subscribers to), and several different sets of emails: a delivery sequence, a nurture sequence and a sales/upsell sequence.

That’s thousands of words of copy – and that’s before you’ve thought about images, design and the tech side of things (e.g. how you’re going to deliver your email lead magnet to subscribers).

One of the most common mistakes I see business owners make with lead magnets is trying to get too advanced too soon. It really is best to keep things simple to start with e.g. a simple pdf download. Once you have successfully launched a simple lead magnet – and getting decent download numbers – then you can move on to something more advanced.

Here’s 6 types of content you need to create an effective email lead magnet.

Why you need a sales funnel for your email lead magnet

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘sales funnel’, it’s basically the journey someone takes to make a purchase from you.

Sales funnels really don’t have to be complicated. In fact, if you’ve sold anything to anyone, you already have a sales funnel.

When it comes to creating a lead magnet, it’s best to start at the END of your funnel i.e. what do you want people to buy as a result of downloading your lead magnet. This will help you decide what the best ‘first step’ might be (in the form of a lead magnet).

There is a lead magnet sales funnel template in my Courageous Lead Magnet Content Kit.

How your lead magnet strategy can increase sign ups (and sales)

To increase downloads and sales from your lead magnet, you need to be clear on what you need to do when, including:

  • The product/service you want people to buy (as a result of downloading your lead magnet)
  • How many downloads of your lead magnet you need to achieve your target sales
  • How many weeks/months you’ll need to gather your target number of leads

What makes a great email lead magnet landing page

You don’t actually need a web page to promote a lead magnet. If you don’t have a website, you can send people to a social media account – or even a Google/Word document if you like. The most important thing is creating a resource that solves a problem and leads people to a product/service you want to sell.

It is a good idea to have one though – as not only can it help people ‘find’ you online. It’s also a good way to get prospective clients over to your website.

However, if you are going to create one, it’s a good idea to create a landing page (rather than a regular page on your website).

A landing page is a special web page you create where people can only do one thing – in this case download your lead magnet. There are no other distractions (e.g. side bars and menus) which should increase your conversion rate (i.e the number of people who actually download your email lead magnet).
While there are no hard and fast rules about what makes a great landing page, there are some common features that help increase conversion rates.

These include:

  • Clean design
  • Clear headline that nails the benefit of your lead magnet
  • Clear call-to-action button
  • Compelling image

When it comes to a landing page for a lead magnet, less is more – especially when it comes to copy. Typically you’ll be sending people from an email or social media posts, which tells them more about the lead magnet.

There are templates for landing page copy in my Courageous Lead Magnet Content Kit.

What to include in your lead magnet email delivery sequence

This is the sequence of emails you send someone when they sign up for your lead magnet. This is generally no more than a few emails, where you deliver the lead magnet, tell them what they need to do next. I’d also advise sending a follow up email to check your lead magnet arrived ok. This can help troubleshoot any potential problems with spam (once a new subscriber emails you back, their email provider recognises you as ‘friends’ – which means content is less likely to end up in spam).

There is a fill-in-the-gaps template for your email lead magnet delivery sequence in my Courageous Lead Magnet Content Kit.

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Why you need a nurture email sequence for your lead magnet

This is a sequence of 3-5 emails you send when someone joins your list. There are different ways of approaching your email nurture sequence.

But if you’re creating your first lead magnet – or trying to improve one you already have – I would recommend using your nurture sequence to break down the content of your email lead magnet.

There is a template for an email lead magnet nurture sequence in my Courageous Lead Magnet Content Kit.

When to send the upsell emails for the your lead magnet

There’s no reason why you can’t make an offer for your paid product/service in your very first email – and any subsequent emails. Once you’re happy with your lead magnet sales you can even make an offer on the ‘thank you’ page for your lead magnet.

Even if you do make sales offers in your email nurture sequence, your percentage of sales is likely to be small – as your new subscribers will still be getting to know you. This is why following up with a sales sequence of emails (sometimes known as an ‘upsell’ sequence) is a good idea.

Typically this will be a sequence of between 3 and 5 emails that specifically relate to your product or service.

I’d recommend starting with 3 upsell emails and moving up to 5 when you’re more experienced.

There is a template for a sales/upsell sequence in my Courageous Lead Magnet Content Kit.

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