How to design your own CEO Day

December 8, 2022

Create your business & content strategy for 2023

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I used to hate the term ‘CEO Day’.

Because I felt it was one of those fancy terms female entrepreneurs bandied about while working from the beach, driving around in their sports car and/or soaking in a bubble bath with pink scented candles etc). Yuck.

But the concept of a ‘CEO Day’ isn’t actually a bad one. Because it’s simply about taking the time out for strategy – for working on your business – rather than in it.

Which is a good thing, right?

And if you haven’t blocked out time in your calendar to create your business and content strategy for 2023 yet (aka a CEO Day)…make sure you do. Because it will set you up for success in your business in 2023 and beyond.

In this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast, you’ll learn how to design a CEO day for your business (and why it matters).

Here’s what I cover:

What is a CEO Day?

It’s basically a term for taking some time out of your business to plan and strategise. You might go somewhere or just find a quiet place in your home to do it, but it really is time devoted to thinking about what you’re going to be doing in the next year, the next quarter, and really looking at the bigger picture in your business.

Some female entrepreneurs are making it sound like CEO Days are some fancy schmancy thing you can only do if you have a 6 or 7 figure business and are part of a squillion-dollar mastermind.

When the truth is…we all need at least one ‘CEO Day’ a quarter. Regardless of whether we have a brand new/part time or ‘side hustle’ business. Or we’ve been at it for years.

And that need to take time out to work ‘on’ our business (rather than ‘in it) never goes away. Which is why it’s a great habit to establish – from the moment you start your business.

A pale pink background with a photo of Janet Murray at the bottom. She’s wearing blue jeans and a red top. She’s smiling and holding her hands upward as is she’s showing something. The caption is: How to design your own CEO Day that leads to a blog about why planning time to work on your business strategy is crucial if you want to achieve your business goals, and how it will give you clarity for creating the right (social media) content and choosing the right platforms for your business.

How often should you take a CEO Day?

I recommend my clients take one ‘CEO Day’ each quarter (although I may not call it that!) to work on their business and content strategy. It doesn’t even have to be a whole day (a few hours can be enough).

But I DO recommend spending longer on your Q4 ‘CEO Day’ (December) so you can create an annual business and content strategy (which makes it easier to plan ahead in quarters).

How to design your CEO Day

How you design your CEO Day is up to you, but here’s what I recommend to my clients:

  1. Start by creating (or refining) your annual strategy so you’re clear on your business and income goals N.B. if you recently downloaded my Annual Content Strategy template – this is perfect for your CEO Day.
  2. Then move onto your quarterly plan – create a broad ‘overview’ for each quarter that includes key launches, promotions & events in your business.
  3. Create a content strategy for the coming quarter – outlining key topics you need to cover in your content (to achieve your business objectives) and the content tactics and platforms you’ll use to get there.

So if you haven’t already – make sure you create time for a ‘CEO Day’ this month – so you’re set for success in 2023. And it just so happens I have a FREE resource to help.

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