16 content ideas for December (that use awareness days)

November 10, 2022

Get inspired with 16 social media post ideas for December that use awareness days.

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Looking for some content ideas for December?

In this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast, which you can read as a blog below, I share 16 ready-to-go content ideas for December for small business owners. They’re based on the fill-in-the-gaps social media templates in my 2023 Courageous Content Planner & Content Kit.

You can use them as inspiration for social media posts, blogs, newsletters, podcasts (and any other content you create to promote your business).

Here’s the awareness dates I cover:

Reminder about the 4 styles of content

Remember – you don’t need to use awareness days literally – you can take the theme of the awareness day and use it to inspire ideas (as many of these examples show).

4 content pillars for businesses and brands based on Janet Murray’s Courageous Content Planner. Dark blue background on which there are 4 bubbles explaining each of the 4 content pillars: news/trends, inspire, community and educate. Tiger cover design of the 2023 Courageous Content Planner & Content Kit is in the bottom right corner.

Santa’s List Day (December 4)

Santa’s List Day celebrates the day Santa puts together his list of ‘naughty and nice’ children. And while you probably don’t make a list for Santa anymore, you DO make lists. You almost certainly also make Christmas lists e.g. gifts you need to buy, errands you need to run, food you need to buy, ingredients for recipes – even films you’re going to watch over the Christmas period.

You also have work-related Christmas lists. For example gifts you need to buy for colleagues or specific tasks you need to get done before/during the Christmas break.

So you really can’t say this date isn’t relevant to your business. Here are some content templates to show you what I mean:



✅ LIST 1
✅ LIST 2
✅ LIST 3

Add 4 & 5 if necessary.



Share a relatable/funny quote/meme about lists.


Are you a list maker or a list breaker?


I mostly make lists about _________________________.


[INSERT NUMBER] checklists you should create if you want [INSERT DESIRABLE OUTCOME]

✅ LIST 1
✅ LIST 2
✅ LIST 3

Add 4 & 5 if necessary.


Photo of various winter / December / Christmas related images in a table. Among them are Santa Claus representing Santa’s List Day, a Christmas stocking, a Christmas tree, a dog hinting at Underdog Day on December 16, an image of snow capped mountains for International Mountain Day on December 11, a picture of a clock with an exclamation point to draw attention for Last Minute Christmas Shoppers’ Day on December 24, etc. Text reads: 16 content ideas for December that use awareness days, and at the bottom the text says: Courageous Content Podcast, Janet Murray

International Mountain Day (December 11)

If you take a more metaphorical approach to this date, some really interesting themes emerge. For example: overcoming obstacles, climbing to the top, steep learning curves…

To create a news/trends style post on this theme you could offer advice on something that might feel particularly challenging in a specific season/month. For example:

How to keep your fingers warm in November if you have Raynaud’s disease

How to get super productive in November (so you can relax and enjoy the Christmas break)

The best running jackets to keep you dry in the winter months

How to make Christmas plans (without upsetting the in-laws)

To create an inspire post you could share a relatable story/anecdote on how you overcame an obstacle/problem. Or a meme/quote (there is a session on this in my Courageous Awareness Days Content Kit).

Community content is about starting conversations and asking questions is a simple way to create community content – fast. For example, you could ask your audience to share an obstacle or challenge they have overcome. The easier you can make it for people to respond to your post, the more likely they are to respond. For example:

What is the ONE achievement you’re most proud of?


What ONE habit would you most like to change?

Educate content is about answering your ideal customers/clients questions and/or solving their problems. So if you take that theme of overcoming obstacles, you could share tips/tactics on solving a specific problem you know your ideal customer/client has. For example:

5 ways to manage the symptoms of Raynaud’s disease without medication

What to wear in winter if you’re a runner with Raynaud’s disease

How to tell your in-laws you’re spending Christmas at home (without causing a family rift)

Notice how specific these examples all are. The more you can address the specific problems your ideal customers/clients have – the more likely they’ll be to engage with your content (and want to follow for more).

Underdog Day (December 16)

This is an opportunity to celebrate people, places and things that don’t always get the attention/praise they deserve.

To create a news/trends post you could create a list of people, places and/or things to be thankful for in a particular month/season.

If you’re a designer/stylist you could share fabrics, types of clothing, styles to be thankful for. For example:

3 reasons to be thankful Doc Marten’s are back in fashion this December

Why you don’t need to ditch your skinny jeans this winter (even if everyone else is wearing baggy)

Creating an inspire post could be as easy as sharing a story/anecdote about someone in your industry who inspires you (but doesn’t always get the praise/recognition they deserve).

To create a community post, you can simply ask your audience to share something (or someone) they feel should get more recognition/praise. As ever, the more specific you can be, the more likely people will be to respond.To return to the example of a designer/stylist…you might say something like:

I know not everyone is with me on this…but I love Crocs. Share an item of clothing/footwear other people criticise but YOU love…

Educate posts are really similar to news/trends – they just don’t need to be timely/seasonal. So you could share three people, places or things you think should be celebrated more in your industry/space. When you’re creating list style posts, 3 is an ideal number (particular for social media posts) – and five maximum. Any more can be overwhelming.

An image of a microphone on a pink and red background. Text at the top reads: Janet Murray, Courageous Content Podcast. The main title is: 16 content ideas for December that use awareness days.

Last Minute Christmas Shoppers’ Day (December 24)

As ever, a reminder that you don’t need to take awareness days literally (although of course you can do if this works for you/your business). And there is a generic theme here to inspire: doing things on the last minute.

To create a news/trends post you could list three things you can leave until the last minute this Christmas (or at any time over the season – remember this date is just for inspiration).

Sharing a relatable story about something you left to the last minute could make a great inspire post.

To create a quick community post you can simply ask your audience what they’re most likely to leave until the last minute. To increase engagement you can turn this into a poll.

For example:

[POLL] What are you most likely to leave until the last minute at Christmas

[Buying Gifts]
[Cooking the turkey]
[Making arrangement with relatives]

You could create a fun educate post by sharing tips/hacks on what to do if you’ve left something until the last minute.

For example

How to do your Christmas shopping in a day (if you’ve left it last minute)

Places you can still [INSERT SOMETHING THEY MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN] – even on Christmas Eve

5 clever ways to defrost your turkey fast

Christmas Dinner shopping list for last minute cooks

Need more ideas on how to use awareness days to inspire content ideas for your business?

Here’s some non-cheesy ways to turn awareness days into social media posts.

PLUS 3 myths about using awareness days in your content and Common mistakes business owners make with awareness days.

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