How to use content templates (without being a copycat)

August 25, 2022

Do you love the idea of using content templates to help you create content – fast?

Janet Murray Courageous Content Podcast Headshot

But you’re secretly worried your content will end up sounding like everyone else’s?

Or that it will steal your creativity? If so, this episode is definitely for you…

Here’s what I cover:

Why I included templates in my Courageous Content Planner & Content Kit

Someone emailed me this week to say they loved my fill-in-the-gaps content templates…but were afraid their content would start to look/sound like everyone else’s. If that’s crossed your mind…I hear you. It’s what held me back from including social media post templates in my Courageous Content Planner for so long. I’ve already recorded an episode on why I changed my mind about content templates, but here’s the thing. Content marketing is a job – people get paid to do it. Which is why it’s not realistic to think you can create engaging social media posts that generate new customers/clients – without any expert training/support. At the same time, you probably don’t have the time (or the budget) to accelerate that process. And that’s why I wouldn’t include templates with my Courageous Content Planner until I was sure I’d found a way to create templates that could (a) be adapted for any business (b) would help business owners learn how to create engaging content – as they were creating it.

A photo of a microphone / mic on a pink background with a white circle. The pin is captioned: How to use content templates (without being a copycat) because it leads to a podcast and blog with the same title.

Why content templates help make content creation easier

I can’t speak for other content templates out there, but I know fill-in-the gaps social media templates in my Courageous Content Planner & Content Kit give you two key skills you need for successful content creation.

  1. Idea Generation. You’re getting practical examples of how you can take a concept/idea and turn it into a social media post (even if it appears to have nothing to do with your business). 24 of them – every single week.
  2. Structure. You’re also getting practical examples of how to start and finish a post (for both text/video) and what to add in between i.e. how to structure your content. And you’re not just getting examples, you’re getting experience of doing it. Which means you’ll know how to structure your content when you’re freestyling (and where/how to cut the waffle).

How content template help you develop content creation skills

As you develop confidence, you will start to rely less on templates. And if you’re anything like many of my clients – you’ll also start creating your own – based on what you see working best in your content. The only danger with my content templates is you seeing them as some kind of magic solution that requires no input from you – instead of a tool to spark ideas and help you build confidence/skills as a content creator. I hope that’s reassured you that content templates can work for you (as long as you’re willing to do some work). For more ideas on how to create engaging content for your business based on awareness days and my 4×4 content strategy, do invest in my Courageous Content Planner. It comes with my Courators Kit which contains more than a thousand fill-in-the gaps content templates that will save you a ton of time and trouble with your content.

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