Why I changed my mind about content templates (and how to get your hands on mine)

August 16, 2022

I’m not proud to admit this

Janet Murray Courageous Content Podcast Headshot

But I used to feel a bit annoyed with people who complained my content planner didn’t include pre-written social media posts.

I understood their frustration: everyone wants to save time in their business. But while it would have been easy for me to dash off 365 ‘cut and paste’ social media posts (and I could have made a fortune) it just didn’t feel ethical to me.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast (which you can also read as a blog below).

Why I used to think content templates were unethical

Being an entrepreneur is all about solving problems.

And clearly finding the time to create content (and coming up with idea is a problem for busy business owners).

So why wouldn’t I write cut and paste social media posts and flog them to my planner owners?

Because I knew it wouldn’t get them the results they needed.

What changed my mind about selling content templates to my clients

Every business/brand is different – you can’t just post the same stuff as everyone else and expect to make sales.

That’s why I set about finding a way to create social media post templates that
(a) can be adapted for any business
(b) help business owners develop content creation skills as they’re using them.

It’s taken a bit of tweaking and testing (with hundreds of my clients). But I’ve finally cracked it.
I’m sharing this because my 2023 Courageous Content Planner will include: 1000+ fill-in-the-gaps social media templates. Yep…that’s four post templates for every day of the year.

And it’s not just a content planner – it’s a content planning system and training resource. Every template can be adapted for any type of business and is designed to help you develop your skills as a content creator – while you’re actually doing it.

How my fill-in-the gaps social media templates save business owners time

If you purchase your 2023 Courageous Content Planner during Pre-Order week (August 29) you’ll save 50% and get three fab bonuses –


1. 400+ fill-in-the gaps social media post templates for the rest of 2022 (worth £47)
2. My Courageous Cash Generation Content Kit (worth £147)
3. My Awareness Days Content Kit & Audio Training (worth £147)

Want to save time and trouble with your content? Invest in your Courageous Content Planner here.

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