Phil Pallen - Courageous Content podcast head shot

October 13, 2022

Getting selfish with Pinterest (PLUS why it’s a smart content marketing strategy)

with Phil Pallen

Would you like to attract more of your ideal customers/clients to your website – for years to come – without having to create tons of new content?

If so, getting on Pinterest (or investing more time on the platform) could be exactly what you need.

Because “the beauty of Pinterest is that as you start to sprinkle that website with your little bits of gold and genius and authority and expertise, these pins can work for you…for quite literally years. It’s not something you have to come back to.”

In this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast, you’ll hear from personal brand strategist – and Pinterest Pro Phil Pallen. And you’ll hear about his unique approach to use Pinterest to grow your website traffic – and your business.