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November 17, 2022

The transgender journey of a parent (and why Josephine Hughes made a podcast about it)

with Josephine Hughes

Have you ever been hit with unexpected news? Something that felt life changing – and that you definitely didn’t feel ready for? Well that’s exactly what happened to Josephine Hughes – twice – when two of her children came out as transgender.

As she tried to navigate this unexpected change in her children’s identities – but also her own (and her families) she found there was very little support for parents of grown up children going through a similar journey. And when she shared some of the difficult feelings around being a parent of transgender children – in her TikTok videos, she found herself on the receiving end of criticism.

Nevertheless, Josephine has found the courage to share her journey in a new podcast called Gloriously Unready – which is all about how to navigate change – and how to deal with the surprises life throws at you.

In this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast, you’ll hear from Josephine Hughes – a counsellor who has been brave enough to turn her personal experience into content – to support other parents like her – and help them support their children and families.

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