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March 6, 2022

TikTok Growth Tips From Influencers


with Janet Murray

Would you love to grow a TikTok account for your business – but you’re not sure how to get started?

Maybe you already have a TikTok account – but you’re frustrated because your audience isn’t growing as fast as you’d like it to.

In this podcast episode, you’ll hear from five TikTok creators who’ve built successful TikTok accounts in the past 12 months.

They’ll share the secrets behind their TikTok success – including how they generate content ideas, how often they post on the platform and what time of day.

PLUS how much work it REALLY takes to build an audience on TikTok.

Key Moments

[02:13] What kind of platform TikTok is and how its algorithm works
[05:29] Tip 1: Where to get the best ideas
[07:06] Tip 2: How many times to post and when
[09:54] Tip 3: Growing your audience on TikTok
[13:01] Tip 4: Handling trolling and negativity in the comments

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