Elliot Bibby

August 23, 2021

Cheese toasties turned me into social media influencer with Elliot Bibby

Creator Interview

with Elliot Bibby

What would you do if you started a social media account as a hobby – and it went viral?

That’s exactly what happened to magician Elliot Bibby, when he started a Tiktok account….about making cheese toasties.

Would you be brave enough to keep going with a hobby account that was doing well but didn’t have anything to do with your business?

Elliot was – with surprising results.

In this podcast interview, you’ll find out what happened when Elliot got serious about Cheese Toasties and how it impacted on his magic business.

And you’ll get tons of tips/ideas on how to create shareable content that could blow up your social media platforms.

Key Moments

[03:43] What inspired Elliot to create content about Cheese Toasties

[9:25] How to find content ideas (Elliot’s top tips)

[12:18] Why you shouldn’t be afraid of repetition in your social media content

[16:53] How to create a viral social media video

[25:27] Why you don’t need to create perfect social media videos

[28:34] How to find your niche on social media

[30:21] Being courageous with your content – and how that inspires creativity

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