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May 31, 2021

Could removing followers help you grow on Instagram?

Creator Interview

with Janine Cummings

Can having the ‘wrong’ followers harm your social media engagement (and your sales)? And what should you do if you have built the wrong audience for your business? That’s exactly what you’ll find out in this interview with live video expert Janine Cummings.

Imagine spending years building your following on Instagram.

You get to 8k and then realise the audience you’ve built is completely wrong for your business.

What do you do?

If you remove the followers that aren’t a good fit, your engagement will improve.

But if you don’t have many social media followers people may take you less seriously. 

That’s exactly what happened to live video coach Janine Cummings.

In this interview, you’ll find out what Janine decided to do – and the impact it’s had on her business.

Key Moments

[3:38] Why follower numbers aren’t as important as you think (and what IS important)

[6:06] Janine’s fears about removing her Instagram followers

[8:09] What made Janine suspect she’d build the ‘wrong’ audience on Instagram

[9:46] How social media algorithms work (a quick explainer from me)

[14:32] Why viral content can be ‘bad’ for your business

[16:12] Does having fewer followers mean people take you less seriously? 

[20:10] How to remove ‘dead’ followers from your Instagram account (and how long it takes)

[23:14] The maximum numbers of followers you can remove from Instagram each day

[24:13] Can removing followers improve engagement on small accounts?

[26:33] How the people you follow and interact with can influence your social media engagement

[31:16] A friendly warning from me about the content of this podcast episode 

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