September 20, 2021

Are you on the wrong social media platform?

Creator Interview

with Rebecca Anuwen

Rebecca Anuwen was comfortable using Instagram to promote her business, but her following wasn’t growing. Could trying a new social media platform help?

In this episode you’ll hear what happened, when modern day witch Rebecca Anuwen decided to try TikTok instead (hint: how does half a million views grab you?).

You’ll also learn the best way to find out what kind of content your ideal audiences want from you (regardless of the platform). PLUS how to know whether the platform is the problem – or your content.

Key Moments

[06:42] Rebecca explains what a modern day witch is

[10:47] Why Rebecca shifted her focus from Instagram to TikTok and what happened when she did

[14:47] What kind of content to create for the audience you want to attract

[18:33] How to tell whether the problem is you (or your content)

[20:25] Increasing sales: how finding the right platform can help

[22:52] Why business social media accounts don’t have to be serious

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