Anna Parker-Naples

Episode 4 -

May 31, 2021

How do I get to 10k followers on Instagram?

Coaching Interview

with Anna Parker Naples

Anna Parker Naples helps business owners launch podcasts and get booked as a guest on other peoples’ shows. She is also the host of her own podcast Entrepreneurs Get Visible.

Despite having built a large and engaged audience on a number of content platforms, she is struggling to grow her audience on Instagram.

In this live coaching interview, I help Anna identify why her Instagram account isn’t growing and what she needs to do to achieve her target of 10k Instagram followers.

We also dig into Anna’s feelings about not being able to grow her following as quickly as she’d like to on the platform.

Key Moments

[4:00] How Anna feels about her struggle with Instagram – given the fact she’s built a large audience on other content platforms

[7:45] How the social media algorithm works – and what kind of content you need to post to attract your ideal customers/clients (a quick explainer from me)

[15:03] Why the ‘Top 9’ posts on your Instagram grid (i.e. the ones that appear on the top) are super important when it comes to attracting new followers

[15:35] Anna answers a tough question: ‘would your ideal clients follow you based on your ‘Top 9’ posts?

[23:19] Janet explains how having content pillars can help you grow your audience on Instagram (and what they are)

[24:00] Anna and Janet discuss how Instagram Reels could help Anna grow her following – fast

[30:00] Dilemma: Anna wonders how she can balance the kind of content she wants to publish with what her audience wants/needs

[32:00] Janet explains that Instagram growth only happen when you meet your ideal followers’ needs (both practical and emotional)

[36:53] Anna asks whether adding ‘covers’ to her Instagram Reels is helping or hindering her growth

[40:00] Janet talks about importance of testing content to see what ‘lands’ with your audience

[42:00] Janet summarises what she feels Anna needs to do to grow her account to 10k

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