Should you invest in my Courageous Blog Content Kit?

June 9, 2022

Get all the content you need to write effective blogs for your business with the Courageous Blog Content Kit.

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My Courageous Blog Content Kit will save you tons of time creating blog content to promote your products or services.

It will also give you a blog strategy to follow – so you know exactly what to publish when.

But is it worth you investing?

Here’s what you’ll find out in this short episode of the Courageous Content Podcast (which you can also read as a blog post below).

What is the Courageous Blog Content Kit?

The Courageous Blog Content Kit contains dozens of fill-in-the-gaps content templates that will save you a ton of time on content creation for your business.

It’s an all-in-one kit that will provide all the tools you need to write engaging blog content and promote it.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • 100 fill-in-the-gaps blog post headers
  • 24 blog post templates
  • A blog post checklist
  • Call-to-action prompts
  • A Playbook that explains how to create and promote blog content for your business (approx 6000 words)
  • A 30-day blog promotion plan
  • Newsletter templates
  • Social media post templates

It comes with a 5000-word EBook. PLUS an audio training (approx 60mins) that explains how to implement the strategy in the Playbook.

Courageous Blog Content Kit

Why I created the Courageous Blog Content Kit

I created this kit because I saw SO many business owners struggling to come up with blog content ideas for their business.

Or feeling frustrated because they were blogging – but not getting the results they needed for their business.

Some business owners (for example those who have a podcast/YouTube channel) didn’t even realise they had a blog!

Having written thousands of blog posts over the past 8+ years I’ve developed a simple rinse-and-repeat process for your blog – and a ton of content templates – which is exactly what you’ll get with my kit.

This kit is designed to help you easily generate blog content ideas for your business and/or optimise your blog content so it helps you achieve your business objectives.

Who is the Courageous Blog Content Kit for?

The Business Basics Content Kit is perfect for you if:

  • You struggle to think of blog ideas for your business (or don’t know where to start)
  • You have a business blog – but not enough people are reading it
  • It takes you ages to write blog posts (and you don’t always enjoy it)

Creating blog content for your business can feel easy.

But you need a strategy – and a plan to follow.

Which is exactly what you get with my Courageous Blog Content Kit.

What’s included in the Courageous Blog Content Kit?

The kit includes 24 blog post templates for ALL the content styles you need to promote your business, including:

  • 6 news/trends blog post templates
  • 6 inspire blog post templates
  • 6 community blog post templates
  • 6 educate blog post templates

It also includes 100 fill-in-the gaps blog post headers (25 for each style of content as suggested in my Courageous Content Planner).

A blog post checklist is included so that you can track your progress and easily glide through the blogging process – with step-by-step guidance.

All of this is accompanied by a Playbook on writing engaging blog content for your business. The EBook lays out the foundations for blogging, but is also full of tips and examples. On top of all the content to assist you in the blog creation process, it also contains a blog promotion strategy that you can follow for best results. There is also audio training that explains how to implement the strategy in the Playbook.

How much is the Courageous Blog Content Kit?

It’s £97 – for more than 10,000 words of copy.

Your return on investment is down to whether you implement the strategy and the training.

But even if you don’t implement the strategy (which I hope you do) you’ll be saving yourself a TON of time. There’s 10,000 words worth of copy in the kit. To create ALL the copy from scratch it would take you days. This will save you HOURS of time, freeing you up to work on other aspects of your business.

How is the content delivered in the Courageous Blog Content Kit?

✔️ 5000 word EBook delivered by email (pdf download)
✔️ Audio training (delivered via a private podcast) – link delivered by email
✔️ Template bundle (google documents to copy and paste from)

Click here to invest in my Courageous Blog Content Kit.

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