Is it still worth blogging for business in 2022?

June 7, 2022

Are you feeling frustrated because your website isn’t generating enough leads and sales for your business?

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Perhaps you’re blogging regularly on your site, but feel you’re STILL not getting the traffic you deserve.

Maybe you started a blog…but gave up because you felt like no one was actually reading it?

It could be that you know blogging could help drive traffic to your site….but you’re just not sure where to get started.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast (which is also available as a blog post).

What is a blog?

There are tons of definitions of blogs out there, but the best way to describe it (in my opinion) is that blogging refers to writing, photography, and other media that’s self-published online.

Personally I don’t believe any content you publish on your website can be regarded as ‘blogging’.

The difference for me is that a blog typically has the purpose of engaging and building an audience over time – whereas other content published on your website (e.g an ‘about page’ or a sales page) has a very specific purpose.

While people may return to that content multiple times, you can’t build a community or following for an ‘about page’ on a website. And an ‘about page’ or web page is unlikely to help you become an authority on a particular topic.

Compare this to a blog – where you show up regularly with the intention of becoming a trusted ‘resource’ that people return to again and again. This is far more likely to help you build authority.

Why you may have a blog (even if you think you don’t)

A blog does NOT need to be written content. So if you currently have a podcast, YouTube channel – or publish some other kind of content on your website regularly – with the aim of building your audience (and your authority) on a particular topic, you DO have a blog.

But you may be missing a trick when it comes to getting ‘found’ online. Which means making changes to how you present your ‘blog’ content on your website. For example, I have created this blog version of the podcast above. That way, people who don’t listen to podcasts can still benefit from this content.

Depending on your workflow, you can create a blog post from the transcript of your podcast/YouTube video. Or you can write the blog post first and turn it into a podcast episode/YouTube video. I’ve tried both ways and found the latter works better for me.

If you find writing blog posts a challenge, my Courageous Blog Content Kit contains 24 fill-in-the-gaps blog post templates that will save you tons of time writing blog posts.

Courageous Blog Content Kit

How a business blog can help you attract new customers/clients

Publishing blog content that answers your ideal customers/clients questions – and solves their problems – is a great way to attract new leads for your business.

It can help you get ‘found’ by new customers/clients – and help you turn browsers into buyers.
It can also help you build your audience and authority – both of which are vital when it comes to building trust with prospective clients/customers.

You need to create blog content for people who are at all stages of their buying ‘journey’ with you. Those who don’t know about you yet (your ‘cold’ audience), those who do know about you but haven’t purchased from you yet (your ‘warm’ audience) and existing/previous clients/customers.

Is it still worth blogging for business in 2022?

Find out the 4 types of content you need to publish on your business blog.

My Courageous Blog Content Kit contains 100 fill-in-the-gaps blog post headers, 24 blog post templates – PLUS templates for social media posts, email newsletters and other content that will help you promote your blog content (and yes you DO need to promote it). And a blog strategy to follow – so you know exactly what to publish when. Click here to purchase.

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