Create engaging blog content for your business - fast !

Does this sound like you?


You struggle to think of blog ideas for your business (or don’t know where to start)

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You have a business blog – but not enough people are reading it


It takes you ages to write blog posts (and you don’t always enjoy it) 

If any of this sounds familiar, keep reading...

Creating blog content for your business can feel easy

But you need a strategy – and a plan to follow. 

Which is exactly what you get with my Courageous Blog Content Kit. 

PLUS you’ll get all the templates you need to create blog content for your business. Which will save you a TON of time! 

It’s easy when you have a plan to follow

Here’s what you get:

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How the event will help you...


so you know how to promote your services


so you’re never stuck on what to write to promote your products/services. 

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So you know what kind of content to share (and when) to promote your services 


So you  know how to launch your services (and yes you DO need to launch a service!) 

What's included

What's Included

Why I created the Courageous Blog Content Kit

Hi I’m Janet,

I created the Courageous Blog Content Kit because I saw SO many business owners putting off launching their blog – because they weren’t sure where to start and/or felt overwhelmed by the tech.

Or feeling frustrated because they were writing blog posts that no one was reading.

Having written thousands of blog posts over the past 8+ years I’ve developed a simple rinse-and-repeat process for your blog – and a ton of content templates – which is exactly what you’ll get with my kit. 

What people say about my content training

One of my Instagram posts had 85k views

Wendy Griffith

We’ve been featured on national TV

Lorraine Lewis

Founder & CEO of The Lewis Foundation

I’ve added 4k Instagram followers

Cath Janes

Founder of Kraken Creations

Courageous blog content Playbook

£ 9
  • Playbook that explains how to create and promote blog content for your business (approx 6000 words)

Courageous blog content Playbook & Audio Training

£ 19
  • Playbook that explains how to create and promote blog content for your business (approx 6000 words)
  • Audio training (approx 60 mins) that explains how to implement the strategy in the Playbook

Courageous Blog Content Kit

£ 97
  • Playbook that explains how to create and promote blog content for your business (approx 6000 words)
  • Audio training (approx 60mins) that explains how to implement the strategy in the Playbook
  • 100 fill-in-the gaps blog post headers (so you don’t get stuck on what to write)
  • 24 blog post templates - so you can write blog posts (fast)
  • A blog strategy to follow (to know what to publish, where and when)
  • PLUS a blog content checklist - and content templates for social media posts, newsletters and other content to help you promote your blog

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and conditions (please read carefully before purchasing)

The kit includes fill-in-the gaps copy templates for the content you need to create an effective blog. 

The kit also includes a 6000 word playbook and audio training of around 60 minutes (accessible via private podcast).

You get lifetime access to the resources with 12 months of guaranteed customer support. 

This means that you have access to the resources forever – exactly as they are delivered to you on the date of purchase – but you won’t get access to any new/updated materials.  

It also means that customer support is only guaranteed for 12 months. What this means in practice is that if you don’t look at the resources you’ve purchased for 12 months and then decide you want to access them in 13 months’ time and find you aren’t able to access them we cannot guarantee customer support for that particular product. 

To that end, it’s your responsibility to ensure you download/make copies of any documents you think you will want to refer back to. 

If we do publish a new/updated version of this product, we may invite you to purchase an upgrade (with a further 12 months of customer support) but this is at our discretion. 


*we may offer a discount during the launch period (or at other times as we see fit). Please note that discounts cannot be backdated.

The Courageous Blog Content Kit is a self-study resource. This means it does not include 1-2-1 guidance from me (or anyone else) via email, social media and/or over Zoom/telephone.

If you do feel you’d like more personalised guidance, please email us on [email protected] to find out about your 1-2-1 options and availability.

The Courageous Blog Content Kit  (like all our digital products) is sold on a ‘one product per person’ basis. If you would like your colleagues to access the resources, please email for a bespoke quotation.

Please be aware that our digital products are not refundable – so please be certain the Courageous Blog Content Kit (or playbook or playbook/audio training combo)  is what you need before you buy. We’re happy to answer any questions via email [email protected].uk

Please look at the pricing table above, but the key difference is the playbook and playbook/audio training combo do not include the content templates. 

The Courageous Blog Content Kit is suitable for product business and there is a section in the audio training specifically for product businesses.

That’s up to you! The Courageous Blog Content Kit includes the content you need to sell your services. But the implementation part is up to you!