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September 2, 2021

Should you buy my Courageous Content Planner?


with Janet Murray

Are you wondering whether you should buy my 2022 Courageous Content Planner?

Or maybe you’re a fan of digital planners and you’re not sure how you’d get on with a paper planner.

It could be that you’ve bought a content planner in the past and didn’t use it as much as you hoped

If so, listen to this solo podcast with me, Janet Murray, to learn how my Courageous Content Planner can help you.

You’ll hear from planner owners how it has helped grow their business, find out what it’s like inside and what tools/resources are included.

Key Moments

[01:33] How my Courageous Content Planner helps entrepreneurs

[02:22] The results you can achieve from using the planner

[04:39] How the Courageous Content Planner saves time

[08:10] Examples of how to use the planner to plan and create content fast

[14:31] What the Courageous Content planner look like inside

[16:17] Why this year’s planner includes stickers

[16:52] How attending Courageous Content Live can save you even more time
on content planning and creation

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