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September 2, 2021

Should you buy my Courageous Content Planner?


with Janet Murray

Are you wondering whether you should buy my 2022 Courageous Content Planner?

Or maybe you’re a fan of digital planners and you’re not sure how you’d get on with a paper planner.

It could be that you’ve bought a content planner in the past and didn’t use it as much as you hoped

If so, listen to this solo podcast with me, Janet Murray, to learn how my Courageous Content Planner can help you.

You’ll hear from planner owners how it has helped grow their business, find out what it’s like inside and what tools/resources are included.

Key Moments

[01:33] How my Courageous Content Planner helps entrepreneurs

[02:22] The results you can achieve from using the planner

[04:39] How the Courageous Content Planner saves time

[08:10] Examples of how to use the planner to plan and create content fast

[14:31] What the Courageous Content planner look like inside

[16:17] Why this year’s planner includes stickers

[16:52] How attending Courageous Content Live can save you even more time
on content planning and creation

While it’s tempting to start with the features of the planner I know what you’re really interested in is the potential transformation i.e. what kind of results can you expect if you invest in the planner.

What kind of results can you expect if you buy my 2022 Courageous Content Planner

As with anything in life you get out what you put in but here’s the kind of results you can expect if you invest in a 2022 Courageous Content Planner (and use it).

1. You will get more consistent with your content

Here’s some of the results planner owners have achieved – simply by using their planner regularly.  
  • Health coach Wendy Griffith made an Instagram Reel that got 85k views
  • Counsellor Josephine Hughes has 3x the followers on her Facebook page
  • Product business owner Cath Janes added 4k followers on Instagram
  • Charity founder Lorraine Lewis has appeared in national newspapers, radio & TV 
My 2022 Courageous Content Planner includes my 4 x 4 Content Strategy – which is based on the simple premise of posting four styles of content, four days a week. Following a strategy works because it takes the decision making away. When you’re trying to decide what to post, where and when, you can easily end up feeling overwhelmed –  which is what leads to procrastination. Showing up consistently online helps you build courage – and develop your skills. Because you don’t just start a business and ‘know’ how to create engaging content – it’s a skill that needs to be learned and practised.  

2. You will create more content in less time

The 2022 Courageous Content Planner includes hundreds of content ideas and prompts – so you’ll never be stuck for ideas again. It contains hundreds of awareness days, which you can easily turn into social media posts that can be repurposed across the year. For example, podcasting expert Charlotte Foster got tons of engagement on her post about World Emoji Day – which simply asked ‘what’s the right emoji to use for podcasts?’ My recent post about make-up free selfies also got tons of engagement – and took a few minutes to write (as did Charlotte’s post).  

3. You will get more confident about showing up online

If you’re afraid of showing up online – particularly on video – the only way to get over that fear is to show up consistently. Showing up consistently helped Cath Janes – who has Bell’s Palsy – stop feeling afraid of showing up online.

4. You will make more money in your business

If you’re showing up consistently with content that resonates with your ideal customers/clients, you will make more money in your business. Josephine Hughes, who helps counsellors grow their business online, sold out a webinar from a post she created using one of the awareness days in the planner. Abi Hugo landed a paid collaboration on Instagram with a post she created using one of the awareness dates in the planner. Journalist Rachel Spencer has landed many paid writing commissions after being inspired by one of the dates in the planner.

What if you’re tried using a content planner in the past (and it didn’t work)?

If you’ve tried (and failed) at using content planners or content planning systems before, you may be concerned you’ll end up wasting your money. First off, just because you tried something  before doesn’t mean it wont’ Do remember that there is no ‘right’ way to use a planner. People use the 2022 Courageous Content Planner in so many different ways (some alongside other planners/notebooks). You don’t have to write in every page – or use every single part of – it to get a return on your investment. Listen to what Josephine Hughes, Charlotte Foster and presenter coach Kate Cocker have to say on the topic.

What’s inside the 2022 2022 Courageous Content Planner?

The Courageous Content Planner contains 
  • The 4 x 4 content plan for entrepreneurs 
  • Hundreds of ready-to-go content ideas
  • Awareness days/key dates 
  • Accountability trackers 
  • Content planning templates 
  • Week-to-view diary

Click here to order your Courageous Content Planner

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