Janet Murray with Courageous Content Planner

September 1, 2021

The content planner for entrepreneurs (and why I created it)

Creator Interview

How did ‘the most disorganised person the world’ end up launching a content planner?

An impulsive decision that turned into a 6-figure planner business.

And how can using a content planner help you stay consistent with your content – and generate leads and sales for your business (even if you don’t write anything in it!).

In this interview, I’m in the hot seat – being interviewed by listener Kate Cocker (who also happens to be my podcast coach) about my 2022 Courageous Content Planner.

You’ll find out how I plan my content (including how I create content for launches) and get tips on how to create consistently good content. I’ll also take you behind the scenes of my 6-figure planner business.

Key Moments

[03:23] How Janet Murray plans her content

[06:50] Why selling on social media isn’t sleazy

[09:43] How the Courageous Content Planner can help you

[14:10] Staying accountable with your content (hint: stickers help!)

[17:21] Why I created the Courageous Content Planner

[19:18] The importance of testing products before you launch

[22:49] Why you don’t have to write in every page of a content planner

[27:08] Keeping your content fresh (and why you don’t always need to talk business)

[29:16] How planning allows you to be more spontaneous in your content

[30:30] Creating a bank of social media posts (and how it helps)

[33:42] Why it’s important to take imperfect action

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