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June 3, 2022

Create a thriving Facebook community for your business

Are you wondering whether to start a free Facebook group for your business?

Perhaps you already have a free Facebook group, but it’s like a ghost town. No one ever posts – unless you start the conversation.

Maybe you already have a super engaged Facebook group….but it’s not generating leads and sales for your business.

In this podcast episode you’ll hear from four business owners who’ve built successful Facebook groups that are generating leads and sales for their business.

Nishma Mistry (Asian Bride Sorority)
Josephine Hughes (Good Enough Counselling)
Mark Simpson (Boostly)
Jo & Zoe (6 Figure Bookkeeper)

This episode has been created using content from my virtual content planning event Courageous Content Live (2021). Recordings of all the sessions – including sessions like this one on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Twitter are available to members of my content planning community the Courators Club.

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