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August 5, 2021

Are you a risk taker?


Your tolerance to risk (or lack of) can have a BIG influence on your ability to grow your business. Find out more in this podcast episode. 

How do you feel about taking risks in your business? 

Do you jump into things without thinking too hard about the consequences?  

Or are you more cautious, taking your time to make decisions and weighing up the pros and cons before you take action?

This is SUCH an important question to ask yourself 

Because your tolerance to risk can have a BIG impact on how you show up with your content (and your ability to grow your business). 


Listen to this solo podcast episode with me, Janet Murray, to find out more. 

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Key Moments

Key Moments 

[0:53] The month I spent £12k on Facebook ads (and what it can teach you about risk) 

[1:37]  The type of risks you need to take to build a 6 or 7 figure business 

[3:29] How to increase your tolerance to risk 

[4:15] The factors that determine your tolerance to risk (or lack of) 

[5:06] Taking risks with your content (and why it’s important)

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