August 2, 2021

How to pivot your content strategy (without losing followers)

Creator Interview

with Vix Meldrew

What would you do if you’d built a loyal audience who LOVED your content.

But your business was heading in a different direction.

Would you be brave enough to pivot your content strategy – knowing your audience might not be happy about it?

This is exactly the situation Instagram and Online Business educator Vix Meldrew found herself in two years ago.

In this interview you’ll find out what she decided to do – and how that decision helped her grow her business (and add 18k followers on Instagram).

Key Moments

[2:24] What made Vix think she needed to pivot her content strategy 

[8:15] How changing her Instagram strategy helped Vix attract 18k new followers 

[11:03] Why posting pictures of yourself on Instagram is not the best growth strategy 

[14:15] How Instagram Reels can help you grow your business 

[17:42] What to do if people criticism you/your content 

[22:16] Why you don’t have to pivot your content strategy quickly 

[24:44] What to do if a social media posts bombs 

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