John Espirian Courageous Content podcast

August 5, 2022

What’s working on LinkedIn in 2022

with John Espirian

LinkedIn has a reputation for being dull, corporate and kind of ‘middle aged’ But according to John Espirian – aka the Relentlessly Helpful LinkedIn nerd – it’s anything but.

In this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast, you’ll hear from technical copywriter John – who’s built a large and engaged audience on the platform.

He’ll fill you in on some of the latest LinkedIn features like short form video, Carousels and watch out TikTok and Instagram) and how you can make your mark on the platform – including Creating a LinkedIn headline with impact (and why this is super important)

John is a keynote speaker at my annual content marketing event Courageous Content Live which is happening in Newcastle on Nov 1 & 2 – so this is a chance to find out more about him, and what you can learn from him at Courageous Content Live.

You’ll also hear us talk about how I begged him to speak at my event – and by the end of this interview, I think you’ll know why.