Janet Murray Courageous Content Podcast Headshot

June 10, 2021

4 content excuses that could be hurting your business


Are you making these excuses not to create content in your business?

In this solo podcast episode with me, Janet Murray, I share four common excuses business owners give for not creating content for their business – and why you need to stop making them.

We need to talk about excuses.

The excuses you might be making not to create content in your business.

Or the excuses you might be making about why the content you ARE creating isn’t generating leads and sales for your business.

What I say in this solo podcast episode might sting a bit…but I promise it’s shared with the very best intentions.

Key Moments

[1:20] Surprising reasons you might be struggling to create content 

[2:00] Why you can’t blame being ‘bad at tech’ for your content problems

[3:38] A common reasons mums struggle to find time for content

[5:20] Debunking the ‘algorithm’ myth

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