Don’t launch a group programme before you’ve done this

April 21, 2022

Launching a group coaching programme before you’re ready can be bad for business.

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It can also knock your confidence – at a time when you really need to be building.

So how do you know when you’re ready to launch a group programme?

Find out in this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast.

You’ll learn:

I sold all 12 slots on my first group coaching programme.

And went on to sell out two more ‘rounds’ of my first group programme before deciding to take the plunge and lunch a membership.

How I sold out my first group programme

Did I have some clever marketing strategy? Sadly not.

My ‘secret’ was that I’d successfully sold training and consultancy on the topic (how to get press coverage) – from 1-2-1 sessions to training workshops to ongoing consultancy packages.

So I KNEW people were interested in the topic. I also knew I could deliver results – and had the testimonials to prove it.

And I had a list of hot leads – people I could reach out to who I thought would be interested in working with me – but didn’t necessarily have the budget for 1-2-1.

I don’t think I did a single social media post on it.

Signs you’re not ready to launch an online programme

I’d like to say there was an intentional strategy behind it (there wasn’t).

I just knew that it was probably easier to sell to one person/organisation than to 12.

I also knew it was easier to deliver to one person/organisation than 12.

I share this because so many coaches and consultants trying to sell group coaching/learning programmes – way before they’re ready.

Mapping out 8 or 12 week programmes for 10-12 people – on topics they haven’t tested – when they have no experience of delivering that content to ONE person/organisation.

And without any experience of delivering online learning – something requires quite specific skills/experience. Or social proof in the form of testimonials.

If you think I’m being harsh, here’s what’s involved in creating and successfully delivering a group programme.

  1. Coming up with a programme people will actually want to buy
  2. Designing online learning resources for an ‘extended’ course. Which requires – getting the right balance of coaching/teaching, the right ‘length’ of coaching calls, balance of 1-2-1 versus group learning
  3. Creating engaging learning materials (e.g. EBooks, online classes,
  4. Knowledge of different learning styles/special educational needs
  5. Teaching skills(and teaching online presents different challenges)

PLUS promoting your programme and knowing how to create all of the content that comes with that e.g. creating a sales page, outreach emails, social media posts.

Just to be clear I’m not trying to discourage you – just be realistic about what’s involved in creating and selling a group programme.

Signs you’re ready to launch a group programme

  • You’ve already successfully sold 1–2-1 or done-for-you on the same topic
  • You have testimonials and case studies that demonstrate you have helped people achieve similar results to those you’re promising in your group programme
  • You have experience of designing and delivering online learning programmes
  • You have the experience of selling digital products

The best route to selling group programmes

After many years of experience selling digital products, I personally think the best path is:

  1. Launch 1-2-1 or done-for-you service
  2. Launch small digital product One Module Online Course
  3. Launch Group programme

You can do it the other way round like I did, but personally I think ‘launch’ experience is valuable – and creating a small digital product.

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