Janet Murray Courageous Content Podcast Headshot

July 14, 2021

Does your Instagram account have to look pretty?


Your Instagram account does NOT have to be ‘pretty’.

But it does need to be consistent i.e. people need to know what to expect – and why they should come back again.

For me consistency trumps beauty – every time.

That’s exactly what you’ll find out in this solo podcast episode with me, Janet Murray.

Key Moments

[1:06] How Paul Flart creates consistency on his Instagram account

[1:33] Another approach to consistency from blind digital creator Lucy Edwards 

[2:39] Why the Top 9 posts on your Instagram are important 

[3:21] How to add value for your audience on Instagram

[3:48] Why you should be on Instagram Reels (the recent announcement from head of Instagram Adam Mosseri) 

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