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July 24, 2021

The courage to be a beginner


Do you feel frustrated because you’re creating content to promote your business…but you’re not getting as much engagement (or sales) as you’d like?

Are you sometimes overwhelmed by all the tech you need to learn – creating social media graphics or editing video and adding captions, for example. 

And do you sometimes feel like everyone else has it all figured out – except you? 

If so, you need to listen to this solo podcast episode with me, Janet Murray – because I have an important reminder for you. 

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Key Moments

[2:29] The REAL reason you’re not blowing up on social media (it might surprise you)

[2:52] Why you may need to be kinder to yourself about your content

[3:17] Investing in training/coaching in content creation/planning – why it’s important

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