August 10, 2023

Why you don’t need to be a CEO to listen to this podcast

I don’t have a corporate background.

And I’ve only managed to hold down a ‘real’ job for a few short years of my working life.

So why the heck have I created a podcast with ‘CEO’ in the title?

I’m back with a brand new season (and a new name) for my podcast. 

Ten new solo episodes are just about to land (followed by a series of bonus interviews with courageous business owners). 

Find out what to expect from the Courageous CEO Podcast, which includes episodes on: pricing your offers with confidence, what to do if no  one is buying, building a business you can sell in the future and other ways you can generate recurring revenue – without your business being reliant  on you. 

I’ll also share why you don’t need to be a CEO to get value from the Courageous CEO Podcast. 

Make sure you follow the Courageous CEO Podcast on your favourite podcast app – so you don't miss out when the new season lands and/or on any of the bonus episodes.