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September 14, 2021

Help! I’m struggling to sell my products on Instagram

Coaching Interview

with Rachel Bloomfield

Are you posting on Instagram consistently but feel like you’re not getting the sales you deserve?

In this creator interview with Rachel Bloomfield you’ll get practical advice on how to generate more sales on Instagram.

Rachel Bloomfield loves helping busy parents choose exciting toys gifts for kids via her product-based business Happy Cat Kids.

But while she’s posting consistently on Instagram – and getting lots of engagement – she’s not making enough sales.

In this coaching interview you’ll learn the surprising reasons Rachel’s products aren’t selling as well on Instagram as they could.

Hint: you’ll learn why you need to care about your Instagram aesthetic, what you as a business owner should be posting to attract your ideal audience and the type of content that works best for different spaces on Instagram.

Although Rachel has a product-based business, this episode is absolutely relevant for service based business owners (so please don’t skip it).

Key Moments

[06:03] The 9 most important post on your Instagram feed (and why they need your attention today)
[11:30] Why brand colours and fonts matter when it comes to attracting new followers
[16:32] The power of visual content (and how photography impacts on your brand image)
[21:13] How checking out your competitors’ content can help you improve yours
[23:58] Instagram Reels and how to use them to promote your business
[31:17] The four types of content every business owner should create
[36:33] Create ideas for Instagram stories and how to engage your followers
[44:33] Why ‘meme’ posts are convenient (but not always great for engagement)
[46:13] How often you should be creating sales posts

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