Courageous Life Planner


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From chaos to calm – 90 days at a time

The Courageous Life Planner will help you plan your days – so you can stay productive, avoid procrastination and create more space in your life to do the things you love (or just put your feet up and relax more!).

It’s perfect for creative/messy brains: people who are full of ideas – but sometimes struggle to stay organised.

Because it’s based on my Overhead Planning System – which involves planning in 90 day cycles and breaking your planning down into manageable ‘bites’.



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What’s inside:

About the Courageous Life Planner

The Courageous Life Planner was created by Janet Murray. 

Janet has ADHD (Attention Hyperactivity Deficit Disorder) and is (in her own words) ‘one of the most disorganised people on the planet’. Making her one of the unlikeliest people in the world to launch a planner.  But she’s actually launched two (her Courageous Content Planner has sold hundreds of copies – all over the world). 

She puts her unlikely success down to creating easy-to-follow systems and processes to help her stay productive (strategies that work for anyone who struggles to stay focused). Which might sound boring,  but it really is the key to getting stuff done.