Courageous Launch Content Kit


Ace your next launch with the Courageous Content Launch Kit.

Imagine if someone could tell you exactly what content to create your launch. 

And give you a proven launch strategy to follow. 

Well that’s exactly what you’ll get with my Courageous Launch Content Kit.  

It includes every piece of content you will need to create for your next launch 

What’s included: 

  •  A proven launch strategy to follow – so you know exactly what content to create to maximise course sales 
  •  Content templates for every piece of content you need to create for a launch (inc. sales pages, email marketing copy & social media posts & more) – so you don’t get overwhelmed (or miss anything out) 
  •  Launch Plan Templates for planning your launch (30, 60 & 90 days) including templates to map your sales funnels 
  • Course launch training – from an experienced course creator (whose made more than a million pounds in sales of digital products)

Templates included for: sales pages, email marketing campaigns, nurture sequences, upsells, downsells, product descriptions (Woocommerce/Shopify), thank you pages, delivery emails, wait list pages, social media posts, testimonial,  FAQs & more.