Courageous Email Lead Magnet Content Strategy Audio Training & Resource Kit

Courageous Email Lead Magnet Content Strategy 

Get the strategy and content you need to create, launch and promote your email lead magnet  with the Courageous Email Lead Magnet Content Strategy Audio Training & Resource Kit.  

What’s included (and how it will help). 

  • Proven CONTENT TEMPLATES for your lead magnet, landing page, delivery emails, nurture sequence, social media posts & more – so you can stop second guessing yourself about what to create and just get it done
  • Ready to go  LAUNCH STRATEGY – so you know exactly what to create (and when) to ‘launch’ your email lead magnet (and yes you do need to launch it!)
  • Tried and test SALES PROCESS & FUNNEL STRATEGY – so you don’t waste time creating a lead magnet that doesn’t grow your email list and/or your sales 


Includes templates for: lead magnets (inc. Canva templates), lead magnet landing pages,  delivery emails, email nurture sequence, promotional emails & social media posts, thank you/upsell page, lead magnet launch plan, sales funnel 

All Janet Murray digital training products include: 

  • Audio training (approx 60 minutes) – available as a private podcast 
  • EBook (text version of Audio training) 
  • Printables to support with implementation e.g. strategic planning templates, fill-in-the-gaps content templates for emails, social media posts, blogs and other relevant content, checklists, step-by-step instructions & more …


The fill-in-the gaps templates are provided as Google Docs – so they can be turned into copy for your business quickly and easily. Some kits do include Canva templates – but the majority of content