Courageous Cash Generation Content Strategy Audio Training & Resource Kit

Cash Generation Content Strategy 

Bring more money into your business – fast – with the Courageous Cash Generation Content Strategy Audio Training & Resource Kit.  

What’s included: 

  • Ready-to-go CASH GENERATION STRATEGY – so you know exactly what to do – and when – to bring money in your business (and do it quick) 
  • Fill-in-the-gaps CONTENT TEMPLATES for cash generating content (e.g. emails, socials) – so you’re never stuck on what to say to prospective clients 
  • WEEKLY CHECKLIST of cash generation activities  – so you can improve your cash flow (and avoid feast and famine)


Includes templates for: Outreach email/message templates, Outreach Follow up Up template, Coaching consultancy package and examples, Sales Sequence (Cash Generation), Looked Not Booked (Cash Generation) & more


All Janet Murray digital training products include: 

  • Audio training (approx 60 minutes) – available as a private podcast 
  • EBook (text version of Audio training) 
  • Printables to support with implementation e.g. strategic planning templates, fill-in-the-gaps content templates for emails, social media posts, blogs and other relevant content, checklists, step-by-step instructions & more …


The fill-in-the gaps templates are provided as Google Docs – so they can be turned into copy for your business quickly and easily. Some kits do include Canva templates – but the majority of content