Courageous Blog Content Strategy Audio Training & Resource Kit

Courageous Blog Content Strategy 

Create engaging and SEO friendly website content for your business – including blogs, your ‘about’ page and sales pages – with the Courageous Blog Content Strategy Audio Training & Resource Kit. 

Here’s what’s included and how it will help:

  • 100+ ready to go BLOG POST TOPICS that are suitable for any business (so you don’t get stuck on what to write)
  • 24 fill-in the-gaps BLOG POST TEMPLATES – so you can write engaging blog posts (fast) 
  • Tried and tested BLOG STRATEGY – so you know what to publish, where and when to promote your business 


PLUS a blog content checklist – and content templates for social media posts, newsletters and other content to help you promote your blog. 

N.B. If you are using tools like Chat GPT to help with blog post writing – these resources may help you get better results (because they were created by a real person and not a robot!). 

Includes templates for: Blog Promo Plan (30 Days), Fill-in-the-gaps blog post titles, Blog post template, Blog Call-to-action prompts, Blog post Checklist, About page template, Sales Page Template & more. 

All Janet Murray digital training products include: 

  • Audio training (approx 60 minutes) – available as a private podcast 
  • EBook (text version of Audio training) 
  • Printables to support with implementation e.g. strategic planning templates, fill-in-the-gaps content templates for emails, social media posts, blogs and other relevant content, checklists, step-by-step instructions & more …


The fill-in-the gaps templates are provided as Google Docs – so they can be turned into copy for your business quickly and easily. Some kits do include Canva templates – but the majority of content