Awareness Days Content Strategy Audio Training & Resource Kit

Awareness Days Content Strategy 

Learn how to turn awareness days and key dates into engaging content for any type of business (or age or stage) with the Awareness Days Content Strategy Audio Training & Resource Kit.   

Here’s what you get and how it will help:

  • Proven CONTENT STRATEGY – so you can turn awareness days/key dates into engaging social media posts, blogs, emails and other marketing content
  • 100+ fill-in-the-gaps SOCIAL MEDIA POST TEMPLATES inspired by awareness days – so you know how to start and finish your posts or videos (and what to say in the middle) 
  • Tried and tested SALES TACTICS – so you know how to publish content to promote your business/brand (without coming across as pushy or ‘salesy) 


PLUS tons of practical case studies and examples to show you how to take awareness dates (including those that may appear to have nothing to do with your business) and turn them into engaging content (on any platform).


All Janet Murray digital training products include: 

  • Audio training (approx 60 minutes) – available as a private podcast 
  • EBook (text version of Audio training) 
  • Printables to support with implementation e.g. strategic planning templates, fill-in-the-gaps content templates for emails, social media posts, blogs and other relevant content, checklists, step-by-step instructions & more …

The fill-in-the gaps templates are provided as Google Docs – so they can be turned into copy for your business quickly and easily. Some kits do include Canva templates – but the majority of content templates are text based.