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April 6, 2022

Cheaper than Facebook ads? Debrief of my craziest launch ever

Why giving away 1000 copies of my Courageous Content Planner was a smart business decision (and cheaper than Facebook ads)

Last week I gave away 1000 copies of my 2022 Courageous Content Planner in a ‘postage only’ offer.

While I knew the offer would be popular, I didn’t expect it to blow up my social media accounts – or crash my website. Nor did I predict the post about it on my Facebook Page would go ‘viral’ – with more than 34k views and 3.5k comments.

In this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast I share:
– About my Courageous Content Planner
– Why I decided to do a planner giveaway
– How I launched this offer in just four hours
– What I learned from the experience
– Why I believe honesty can’t harm your reputation

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