The business programme you wish you’d invested in earlier

Does this sound familiar…....


You feel overwhelmed in your business (but unsure what to focus on first) 

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You’re putting in the hours – but your income still feels unpredictable


You’re lurching from month to month (or launch to launch) without really knowing where your business is heading… 

If any of this resonates with you … I hear you.

If any of this resonates with you … I hear you

Because – like me – you probably started your business without a plan (or any formal business education).  

Which means you’ve been muddling along trying to figure things out as you go. 

And you’ve actually done a pretty good job.  BUT.., 

You’re still struggling to:

The Courageous CEO programme is the business programme you wish you’d taken years ago 

Because it takes you, step-by-step, through everything you need in place to build a profitable business with predictable income (including recurring revenue from digital products – if that’s what you’re after!) 


PLUS 500+ templates for everything you need in your business, including proven:

Business Systems

  • Sales emails (for new business)  
  • Sales call script
  • Coaching/consultancy ‘packages’ 
  • Business Proposals (for coaching/consulting & other services) 
  • Onboarding emails/service agreements for new clients 
  • Ts and Cs & refund policies 
  • Invoice & late payment emails 
  • Onboarding emails for contractors/freelancers 
  • Sponsorship proposals
  • Website copy (about page, services, sales page, FAQs) 
  • Social media bios

Content Strategy

  • Sales pages for online courses/memberships 
  • Sales pages for coaching/consultancy/services 
  • Email marketing campaigns  
  • Email Lead Magnets 
  • Email Nurture Sequences 
  • Client testimonials (text and video) 
  • Social media posts, blogs and newsletters 
  • Podcast scripts/show notes

Recurring Revenue

  • Digital product launch plans
  • Sales page templates (online courses, memberships)
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Onboarding email campaigns
  • Upsell email campaigns 
  • Templates for wait list & thank you pages  
  • Re-engagement email sequence 
  • Wait list campaign and templates

Step by step guidance:

You’ll be guided through the resources, step-by-step, to reduce overwhelm. And ensure you get the right processes in place in your business to support you with the next step (rather than trying to implement everything at once).

Ongoing support:

You can join the dedicated Facebook community where you can connect with fellow business owners, ask questions and troubleshoot.

Example Courageous Social media posts

Why I Created the Courageous CEO Programme

Hi I’m Janet,

I created the Courageous CEO Programme because I could see so many business owners struggling to generate consistent revenue in their business (and work out how to generate leads and sales from their content) .

Some  had their fingers burnt investing in high ticket online programmes/coaching that promised the earth (or a 6 or 7 figure business overnight) – but had not delivered. 

Others had wasted time and money trying to launch so-called passive income products – which hadn’t sold anywhere near as well as they thought.

Having spent 8+ years in the online space selling digital products, one-to-many (and helped dozens of clients with business and content strategy) I know, first hand, that the Number 1 reason business owners/freelancers struggle to generate consistent leads and sales is because they haven’t implemented key strategies and processes in their business. For example: a processes for lead generation & sales, client onboarding (and offboarding) and payment. 

I also know that if  you want to build a sustainable business (that will still be around in five years) – and that includes a recurring revenue stream – you need these three things:

1. A Business Strategy that set out your business goals

2. A Content Strategy that helps you achieve your business goals 

3. A Recurring Income Strategy – that helps you generate income from the business you have today (and doesn’t require building a ‘new’ audience).

I designed my Courageous CEO Programme to provide step-by-step training to create the key processes and strategies in your business (and give you all the resources to do so). 

Courageous CEO Programme
(Pay in full)


Launch Price £1297

Courageous CEO Programme (Pay in Three)


Launch Price £467 x 3

Courageous CEO Programme (Pay in six)


Launch Price £237 x 6

Frequently Asked Questions

The Courageous CEO Programme will help you put key processes and strategies in place in your business – so you can generate a consistent flow of income from work you love.

This self-study programme contains 12 training modules that take you through the three key stages in your business: business strategy >> content strategy >> recurring income strategy. 

Each training module includes: an audio training (you can complete in 60 minutes or less), EBook and dozens of content templates for sales & marketing emails, social media posts, sales pages and other key business content. Along with ready-to-go checklists and strategy documents. 

The programme also includes an easy to follow roadmap that will show you the steps you need to take to put key processes in your business. 

The headline price of the Courageous CEO Programme is £1497. But you can get started for just £237 with the Pay In 6 option. Or you can pay in full for just £1297 (founders’ rate only available until Friday 26 May 2023).  As the individual trainings cost £147 and 12 are included in the programme, this is incredible value. 

You get lifetime access to the resources with 12 months of guaranteed customer support.

The digital resources are hosted on a membership site. You’ll be sent a login and password etc when you purchase. 

Our digital programmes are all sold one a one person per product basis. However, if you would like team members to access these resources, please get in touch for a bespoke quotation for teams.

The Courageous CEO Programme is suitable for any business owner/freelancer from any industry. And for any age or stage of business. It’s suitable for both product and service based businesses. If you need to put solid foundations and key business processes in place so you can increase revenue (including from a recurring revenue stream) this programme is for you.

As with any learning resource…that depends…on YOU! If you use the training and resources – and implement what you learn correctly – you will get a return on your investment. But if you don’t use the resources and/or only implement some of what you learn, you won’t. That part’s up to you…

The Courageous CEO Programme is not sold on a ‘try before you buy’ basis. So please be certain it’s right for you before investing. Myself and my team recognise that it is a big decision to invest in a digital programme – which is why we’re happy to answer any questions you have before you purchase. But we do also need to protect our intellectual property. Which is why we can’t give refunds to individuals who buy the programme, start using the training and learning resources and then ask for a refund. So please ask any questions you may have before purchasing (nothing is too small/silly).