About the Courageous Content Affiliate scheme

As a Janet Murray affiliate you can earn 10% on any sales you make of my Courageous Content Planner (and any other eligible products).

Who is eligible to join my affiliate scheme?
If you’re recommending my products it’s important to me that this is because you genuinely love them and find them useful.

For this reason, to be eligible to be a my Courageous Content Planner you must have purchased the planner (for the calendar year you are promoting). To be eligible to promote my Courageous Content Live event you must have attended a previous event and/or been personally approved by me to promote the event. 

In some circumstances, I may give certain individuals/organisations access to my affiliate scheme who do not fit the above criteria. This is solely at my discretion. 

Which products can you claim affiliate payments on? 

Currently you can be an affiliate for my Courageous Content Planner and Courageous Content Live Event (providing you meet the criteria above).  I may add other products in the future – we’ll let you know if/when this is the case. 

How you will receive payment as a Janet Murray affiliate 

Affiliate payments will be made on the 1st day of the month (or nearest working day) via BACS (we will contact you separately to obtain your bank account number and sort code) 

Your first payment will be made approximately two calendar months after you join the scheme (on/around the first day of the month). So if your start date is August 22, your first affiliate payment will be on Nov 1 (or  the nearest working day). 

Subsequent payments will be made on/around the first day of each month.