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7 days to Instagram Reels success

Is this how Instagram Reels makes you feel?

OVERWHELMED by the tech (and time) involved

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NERVOUS about putting your face on camera

CONFUSED over whether to do Reels, Stories, post on your grid (or all three)

If this sounds familiar, you need to join my 7 day Instagram Challenge, which starts Monday 17 January.

Here’s what you get:


This 7 day live challenge starts Monday 17 January – with a daily task to complete (along with prompts and reminders to keep you on track).

It’s easy when you have a content plan to follow:

Which is exactly what you get with the Courators Club:

How will the club help me?

Nishma Mistry Courageous Content Polaroid

How will the club help me?

1. Ready-to-go content plans
(one for each month of the year)

So you can create more content in less time (‘cos you know exactly what to post, where & when), just like our Courator Nishma Mistry, the founder of the Asian Brides Sorority.

2. 1000+ social media ideas & prompts

So you’ll never run out of ideas again.

Example Courageous Social media posts
Finula Crowe Courageous Content Creator

3. Live content planning sessions (quarterly, monthly & weekly) ​

So you get the accountability you need to stay consistent with your content, just like our Courator Finula Crowe, the founder of sustainable clothing brand New Day Originals.

4. Monthly challenges/training

So you can stay up-to-date with the latest social media strategies, just like our Courator Wendy Griffith, health & wellness coach.

5. Community

Dedicated Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback on your content in between live sessions, but don’t take our word for it, here’s what our Courator Kaz Evans from Gem Lettuce Jewellery has to say.

One of my Reels got 85k views

Wendy Griffiths

We’re getting featured
on national radio & TV

Lorraine Lewis

Janet has made Instagram Reels easy and fun

Niki French

Why I created the Courators Club

Hi I’m Janet,

I created the Courators Club because I could see so many coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs struggling with content overwhelm.

Which meant they either weren’t posting regular content to promote their business.

Or publishing content that was so ‘safe’ and boring, people barely even noticed it. As a content marketing expert and teacher, I could see exactly what the problem was.

They were creating too much content (or trying to).

As long as you do it consistently, posting 4 styles of content, 4 days a week is more than enough to grow your business.

And consistency builds courage.

Which is why being brave enough to take imperfect action – to share your content with the world (without knowing how it will ‘land’ with your audience) – is how you develop your skills as a content creator.

This is what inspired me to develop my 4 x 4 content plan and Courageous Content Method.

It will help you create more content in less time – so you can focus on growing your business.

Wondering what kind of results to expect? Find out from some of my clients...

One of my Instagram posts had 85k views

Wendy Griffith

I’ve grown my Instagram following by a third

Mel Bridger

Founder of The Mummy Trainer

Janet has made Instagram Reels easy & fun

Nikki French

Founder of Pup Talk

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and conditions (please read carefully before purchasing)
  • 17 January 2022
  • The live sessions will take place at 4pm (GMT) daily.

6 live classes (including an introduction)


Workbook (including templates/scripts for 4 styles of Reel)


Instagram Reels ‘how to’ videos – including a walkthrough of the app.


Where will the live sessions take place

The live sessions will take place inside my Courators Club Facebook group – 

you’ll get a 7 day pass for the duration of the challenge.

Yes – but it’s best to take part in the challenge live if you can.

The resources will be available for 12 months. But (unless you are an existing member) you will only have access to the Courators Club Facebook group for the duration of the live challenge (you’ll be added on Sunday 16 January until Sunday 23 January). Please

also be aware that social media apps are being improved/updated all the time – early access is advised (because the materials will not be updated in line with these changes).