Business Basics Content Kit


All the content you need to sell a 1–2-1 or done-for-you service. 

What’s included: 

  • A proven SALES STRATEGY- so you know exactly what content to create to launch and sell your 1-2-1/done-for-you services 
  • CONTENT TEMPLATES for your website, socials and email marketing  – so you can creates sales generating content (in half the time)
  • LAUNCH TRAINING  – so you know ‘how’ to launch your 1-2-1 or done-for-you service (and yes you DO need to launch!) so you can maximise sales 


PLUS training on how to build a sales funnel for a 1–2-1/done-for-you service  – delivered in five bitesize tutorials (available as video and audio). 

Includes templates for:

  • Outreach emails to prospective clients
  • Sales page copy for a service (1–2-1, done-for-you, done-with-you)
  • Coaching/consultancy packages
  • ‘About’ Page for website 
  • Social media bios 
  • Onboarding, follow up emails for sales calls
  • Sales call check list